Black Itrana of Lazio

Black Itrana of Lazio

olive itrana del lazio

Itrana Olives that were dear to Virgilio

As early as the Aeneid, Virgilio describes the Itrana Olive as a precious natural fruit, but it reached its peak in the Middle Ages when sailors from Gaeta took the olives to all the major European market places.
The olives are harvested on the Pontine Hills in early spring when fully ripe and have a distinctive purple colour, a medium-fleshy pulp and a characteristic flavour tending to bitterness with a slight salty note.

Indications for use:

With its slightly bitter flavour, it is used extensively in the kitchen in sauces for pasta and with white meat and game. It also has a long tradition in vegetable dishes and the numerous fish recipes from the local area.
This is undoubtedly one of the olives most commonly used by chefs in international cuisine.


Olive, acqua, sale; acidificante: acido tartarico.

Net Weight

200 g

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