Castelvetrano Sweet Green Olives

Castelvetrano Sweet Green Olives

Olive verdi dolci di Castelvetrano

In the shadow of the temples of Selinunte

These Castelvetrano olives come from a strip of verdant land in the province of Trapani (Sicily), a stone’s throw from the sea, protected for more than 2600 years by the Selinunte temples.

They are picked in September before they are fully ripe when the flesh is still crisp and the fruits have a bright green colour.
Round in shape and crisp of flesh, the olives are distinctive for their sweet taste with a hint of saltiness.

Indications for use:

The unique natural fruity flavour of Castelvetrano Olives makes them ideal for enjoying alone as a snack or to accompany cheese and cured meats.
Also widely used in green salads or to flavour pasta dishes and seafood, white meat or in traditional Sicilian vegetable dishes.


Olives, water, salt: acidifier: tartaric acid, citric acid.

Net Weight

200 g

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