Nostraline Leccino D’Abruzzo Olives

Nostraline Leccino D’Abbruzzo Olives

olive taggiasca

The most widespread olives since the Middle Ages

Leccino Olives are the most widely cultivated in Italy, thanks to their delicate and natural flavour. They are believed to originate from central Italy, with evidence that goes back to the Middle Ages. Today they are among the most cultivated olives in the Italian peninsula.

Indications for use:

Leccino olives have a spicy and slightly aromatic flavour and are most frequently used as snacks or in appetisers of cheese and cured meats.
They are used to flavour dishes of both meat and fish. They can enrich dishes based on vegetables or salads.


Olives, salt, sunflower oil.

Net Weight

200 g

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