Seasoned Nocellara Etnea Olives and Pastes

Seasoned Nocellara Etnea Olives and Pastes

olive nocellara etnea schiacciate condite

Olives given unto us by Apollo

According to legend, the first Italian region to receive the sacred tree was Sicily, thanks to Aristaeus, son of Apollo, who introduced their cultivation and taught local people how to work the olives.
Harvested early, the Nocellara Etnea Olives are cut, crushed, seasoned with oil, spices and hot sauce and garnished with whole chillies, so that the spices and seasonings penetrate the flesh, creating a unique, slightly bitter taste.

Indications for use:

Dressed with olive oil and chilli, their flavour is enhanced by wild fennel and other spices that give a sense of the Mediterranean in aroma and taste.
These natural olives are the perfect match for mature and spiced cheeses and cured meats, to flavour sautéed vegetable dishes or to accompany a toast with an excellent glass of wine.


Olive, sale, olio di semi di girasole, peperoncino, spezie.

Net Weight

200 g

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