Sweet Green Giant Olives

Sweet Green Giant Olives

olive verdi dolci giganti

The Antique Olives of Greece

The Giant Sweet Green Olives derive from Khalkidhiki, a Greek Peninsula near Thessaloniki, formed by three strips of land extending into the Aegean Sea.
Indeed, for at least two centuries this crop has been highly important both for the local economy and for the cultural life of the area’s inhabitants. These natural olives are very large, with firm and crisp flesh and a delicately fruity aroma.

Indications for use:

The Sweet Green Giant Olives are prepared in the Italian style, which gives them a delicately fruity aroma.
With rich, firm and juicy flesh, they are ideal as a snack or with aperitifs. In the kitchen, they are used in appetisers with cured meats and cheeses.


Olives, water, salt: acidifier: tartaric acid, citric acid.

Net Weight

200 g

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